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Queer Enough, Double Issue #1+2
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This is a zine about identifying as queer while being in different-gender partnerships. This double issue combines the original Queer Enough zines, plus three new contributions.


Issue #1 (2011)
Editor's Notes, by Jamie Q
Holding Yourself to Account: Queer Identity and Straight Privilege, by Kaley Kennedy
Queer Enough, by Bianca James
Questioning the Use of the Word "Sex," by JudeJube
Without a Map: Adventures of a Budding Tenderqueer, by Kota HeartOn
A comic by Rebecca Rosen
People Should Kiss More, by Abe Miner
He Gave Me a Toothbrush, by Jacks McNamara
"_____" by Misty-Dawn MacMillan
Different-Gender Monogamy, Queerly
Work Out, by Emily Nixon

Issue #2 (2011)
Confessions of an Ex-bisexual, by Jamie Q
To Love Whom You Will is Freedom, by Jimbeau
Homo Mishaps and Other Stretches of the Heart, by Frankie Mess
Open Dialogue: A Bisexual Femme's Perspective on Different-Gender Relationships, by Chiquita Violette
All Bi Myself, by Rose Cooper
Surviving Love, by Corin V. Barclay
Real, by Beja Alisheva
Building on Quicksand, by JL Long
Me and My Queer Haircut (or why queerness isn't everything), by Kaley Kennedy
He Was the Last One, by Oliver Fugler
Queerness, Asexuality, In/visibility, and "Gay" Rights in Canada: Legal Recognition versus the Cultivation of a New Cultural Ethos, by Sharday Mosurinjohn

New Content
Bias Schmias, by Stephanie Larkin (2013)
Blowfish, by Elsie Shannon (2016)
Lace Under My Leather: The Invisible Dyke, by Emm Charron (2016)

*After eight years in print, this zine is now only available as a digital PDF. I have decided to keep the price the same for the digital version, and instead of covering printing costs will donate half of every sale to Trans Lifeline.

This is not an automated transaction. Please allow up to a few days for the PDF to arrive by email.